Final Show Design Central Saint Martins Lethaby Gallery

Client: Central Saint Martins College
Collaborators: Julia Stubenbock, Shesley Crustna, Anton Stepine and Chi Nygen

ALSO, Communication Design

“Communication design is many different things: a transformative, creative act offering multiple engagement points with contemporary issues, and wider cultural and social questions. Communication design activates and articulates, can reflect and contest, re-iterate as well as present anew; it amplifies, disrupts, occupies.Communication design is an open discipline that we, as 47 designers on the 2014 MA Communication Design course, have sought to shape, and also challenge.”

ALSO, breaking barriers

This show was the first show of a Communication and Graphic Design course within the Lathaby Gallery. Never before had there been such an extensive exhibition build for a final MA Communication Design course. We designed a sustainable modular system made of wooden structures which could be reused across the college for multiple purposes post show. The extensive bright green vinyl was placed across the space on walls, windows and floors, crossing boundaries and melding the all elements of the show with the space.