Intel Network Transformation Identity and ABM Campaign

Agency: Catalysis Role: Creative Director

One campaign creative to target 3 different audiences. The Intel Network Transformation Division needed to reach eight core Communications Service Provider (CoSP) accounts. Within these accounts, the campaign had to target 3 different personas; network operations and engineers, network labs, and the C-suite.

The campaign also needed to balance a deep level of technical information for this highly specialized audience, while also providing customized content that speaks specifically to each account’s maturity and business objectives. The objective of the campaign was to expand reach within the target accounts, and influence pipeline.

The creative identity was developed in relation to the three key personas targeted by this campaign: Network Operations and Engineering, Network Labs, and the CTO. Through considering the needs and challenges of these personas, we developed a creative style that deploys three visual elements, one to speak to each of them. We then adapted this creative style to use across different assets, from early stage short-form content to longer form assets and animations.


The campaign was very successful, generating some very strong results. Increasing reach and penetration with 8 target accounts:

  • ABM Pipeline Influence: $400m +
  • ABM 8 Account Engagement Rate: 30%
  • Total Contact Reach at ABM Accounts: 29.2K (+7k)
  • Total Contacts Added in 2020: 7.9k (97% of Annual target)